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Vikings: War of Clans - Norse Dreams

From the creators of mobile hit Raid: Shadow Legends is a predecessor that has long had a foothold in the world of strategy massively multiplayer online role playing games. Vikings: War of Clans is quite just like classic games like Command and Conquer where players have their own bases and build their very own kingdoms. Also, the final goal in Vikings: War of Clans is to occupy places of power in their respective kingdoms.

Is there a speediest way of levelling up in Vikings: War of Clans?

Getting higher levels in the game is vital as levels also affect one’s town levels. On the other hand, one’s character levels aren't the same with one’s town levels. Some tips that could assist you to level-up your palace and town quickly is by doing tasks as often and as quickly as you possibly can, attacking invaders, yielding numerous troops, joining a good clan, and participating in various events.

Are there Viking leaders in Vikings: War of Clans?

Each Viking clan has a chief defined as a Jarl. A comparatively new addition in the game also included the ability of Jarls to become king of the land. Players can look at basic information about Jarls in the Jarl’s Profile.

What is the way to relocate from kingdom to kingdom in Vikings: War of Clans?

Going to an enemy kingdom necessitates the use of the special Great Relocation item. In addition to the Great Relocation item, there is also a Return item. However, there are several rules to using these items. To start, the only players who can use the Great Relocation are actually Jarls. Secondly, relocation and return is only available during global competitions. Third, can only relocate to an enemy kingdom from their home.

Can I turn into a king in Vikings: War of Clans?

Being a king is a new competition that has been implemented in the game. This two-day competition is called Jotunheim Competitions and the objective is to capture the Throne of Jotunheim. The Jarl who hold the throne more than any other Jarl becomes the King of Jotunheim and being the king has its advantages.

Can I play Vikings: War of Clans on PC?

When Vikings: War of Clans was basically released, it had only been released on iOS and Android. Certainly, as a result of eventual rise in popularity of the game, the developer had to make Vikings: War of Clans available on many gaming platforms. However, the game is also offered on Games.LOL in which the game play and graphics are much more optimized than on a browser. All players need to do is to install the “Vikings War of Clans - New Tab Extension” , press the “Play for free” button on the website that will open if you click the Chrome extension.

Being a strategy game, there is so much to do in Vikings: War of Clans. Unlike some currently popular strategy games, the graphics here is also superb. Also, one of the game’s qualities that sets it a notch above others is its great graphics. verall, Vikings: War of Clans is something worth trying for all kinds of players!

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